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As if this was ever a zero sum game

Today I finalized my travel plans for heading to Rhinebeck, aka the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. It’s going to be fabulous, and not only do I get to visit the fairgrounds and eat delicious food and buy a bunch of yarn, I get to stay with a bunch of awesome knitter friends while I’m there. There is also every likelihood of crossing paths with almost every other knitter in the nearest 1000-mile radius, or so it often seems at the peak of Saturday afternoon at the fair! So many people to see, so many things to potentially buy. Busy weekend, but always awesome.

I usually come away from Rhinebeck with yarn for a couple of sweaters and a few pairs of socks. There’s plenty of that yarn that hasn’t been knitted yet, though, let’s face it – the sock yarn gets worked up pretty quickly but I have just a terrible (or perhaps not so terrible, you decide) habit of letting sweater quantities of yarn sit there until the right opportunity presents itself. Sometimes I know exactly what I want it to be but most of the time at Rhinebeck I just try to get a quantity of yarn that I like (and that I’m not likely to find as easily at home), and then decide later.


Over the last 3 years, I’ve purchased sweater amounts every single time from Miss Babs’ booth in the Yowza Whatta Skein light worsted weight superwash wool (so named for it’s big yardage). I love the colours, and 3 skeins will do me a sweater with room to spare, and it’s pretty easy to walk away with an armload of it without even thinking of it.

So I finally decided to get on that and knit myself up at least 1 sweater’s worth of it before heading to Rhinebeck anew this year. It’s a deep dark red called ‘Catherine’ that I’m knitting up into a 2nd Northside Pullover for me. I wore my original Northside pullover so much last year during the long winter that I have been wanting another one ever since. I’m hoping to finish it to wear at the festival this year as well, as a deadline to make sure I’ve got it ready to go in my wardrobe before the fall and winter season is in full force. (If it’s going to be another winter like last year, no sense in going in unprepared, right?)

What sweater(s?) are on your needles right now? If you’re in the northern hemisphere like me, you’ve got many months ahead to choose one to knit!

Happy Thursday, knitter friends!




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Gimme gimme

Now that my summer knitting is done and dusted and I’ve finished just as many Cannon St. cardi samples for myself as I want, I’m moving on full speed ahead to new projects. Rhinebeck’s coming up in just a startling 4.5 weeks, and I need at least 1 finished sweater to wear while I’m there. I did get quite a bit of swatching in over the last month as I try out some new-to-me yarns.


This enormous grey swatch is some Imperial Columbia, which I bought as a birthday present to myself mid-summer from my local Hamilton shop. It’s a wooly 2-ply Aran weight, which means it knits up a little bit thicker than worsted weight, and is extremely delightful for cold weather knitting. I am, unsurprisingly, throwing some cables on there and working on a new design that I can wear around at Rhinebeck if not soon after.


While I don’t put down my knitting during the summer, it’s true that I often put away the heavy cabled things for a bit around that time of year. It’s nice to shine some attention to socks and lighter projects, and then I remember that cabled sweaters are still there, and my hands get all over-ambitious and before you know it I’m planning five more sweaters ahead.


The first one of the season is always exciting, though, can’t pretend otherwise. Looking forward to seeing this one take shape and have it ready for the cold months coming our way once again!

Happy knitting this week, knitter friends!




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Back to basic

Guys, it’s been a weird summer around here. After what felt like the longest winter ever, we were fully prepared to switch over to the heat and humidity we normally get. Instead we had a few months of moderate temperatures and bursts of heat for a couple of days at a time, and it wasn’t until the calendar flipped over to September over the weekend that I realized I was still expecting summer to fully arrive. You know, next week probably. Instead here we are with September now, Rhinebeck is only 6.5 weeks away (aieee, must start knitting some sweaters), and, uh, I guess that means we’re done with summer now?



The long and the short of it is that sweater knitting season is back, and I’m super pleased to have completed my summer stockinette sweater project. I’ve got new sweaters ready and waiting to be pulled into service for cooler times, and a fresh pattern release to go with it. This sweater is exactly what it appears – a simple worsted-weight sweater, with a bit of waist shaping to keep it fitting nicely and some longer ribbed cuffs because that’s just how I like ’em. The notes include instructions for both a v-neck cardigan version and a scoop-neck pullover version.

It’s also done in pieces from the bottom up, so will be fairly versatile for a variety of yarn choices (seams add structure). I did these in Ultra Alpaca and Cascade 220 Heathers, which are two of my favourite yarns altogether, and also happen to be the worsted weight yarns I keep most readily in my stash.



The Cannon St. sweater pattern is available now on Ravelry, just in time for September knitting. The name comes from the location of my local yarn shop Handknit Yarn Studio in Hamilton, who are downtown at Cannon & James St. North, and are now entering their second year of business, hurray! Also, as with all of my sale patterns, the notes have also been tech-edited as part of my pattern process.


I’m looking forward to more designing time this fall, and already have another sweater on the needles and a couple more in swatching process in the wings. Bring on fall knitting.

Happy September, knitter friends!





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