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Test of knitter vs. Knitter

Last week when I was in Boston I took with me a plain sock knitting project (stockinette, navy, men’s socks – for my grandfather), but I also brought some yarn and a new pattern to start as a treat. Since I was tired and vaguely stressed for a little while (what with almost losing my wallet, and also having to present and generally Think Thoughts) I went ahead and cast on. It’s a beautiful pattern, contained in Lisa Lloyd’s A Fine Fleece (of which I will soon be posting a glowing review), called ‘Halcyon’. And I’d had this nice turquoise sheepswool stashed and waiting for something with cables, so onwards I went.

The pattern is accurate, the sweater is beautiful. My brain, however, is clearly neither of those things at this particular juncture.

I had to cast on twice to set up the ribbing properly. Then after the ribbing I had to rip back a few rows to re-set the cable panels. Then I mis-crossed 2 cables on one of the small 4-stitch cable columns. (I fixed that on the plane yesterday night, then re-fixed it this morning when I thought it didn’t look right). Then I got to a nice stopping point at the end of the first centre-panel repeat and thought I’d take a nice picture of it for my Ravelry project page and noticed something that was more than just a 4-stitch cable mistake.


Those 3 cable twists at the top of the pattern repeat in the middle are not supposed to be all neatly matched up like lines in the sand. Rather, as you might be able to see from the wee pic in the book there, they are supposed to be intersecting in a nice interwoven sort of way. I did not have any interweaving. And there was also no freaking way I was pulling back a dozen rows of sweater and re-knitting them unless absolutely necessary. Especially not when I know there are other ways of dealing with this sort of thing.

I isolated the stitches in question, ripped back, and did some surgery.




It’s much better. The sweater is intact and all cables are go.


I think I’m going to have a wee drinkie now. And maybe stick to the sock for this evening.


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Yesterday, there was some of this:


I’m not gonna lie. There may also have been some tears and some language I’m not proud of. After three years of knitting, some time in the last two weeks the gauge fairy has finally started to come around and kick me in the shins. This never used to happen to me. My only explanation is that I have been vastly underestimating my Thesis Anxiety. The result is that, the above (currently still camera-shy) project now has to be re-knit for a third time. Please allow me some mourning.

As I take a moment to grieve and gather my wits, I will return to knitting on this:

(My harmless Patons Kroy socks.)

…and I will cling to the belief that surely plain stockinette socks can’t hurt me. My world is all askew.

In other news, after Wool-Tyme frakked up my order for Cash Iroha, and my LYS seems to have every colour of that yarn except the one I want, I am considering putting Poppy plans on hold in favour of the Kitchen Sink sweater. Because I could probably start that today (if I wanted) just by pulling out oddballs and leftovers from my stash. Also, I bet that sweater would be damn fun.

May your Thursday bring you a minimum of knitting-related disasters.


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