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(Pardon the bleary morning expression…)

Et le-voila, c’est fini…

Pattern: Everything But the Kitchen Sink sweater, from the book Yarnplay, by Lisa Shobhana Mason. In true ‘kitchen sink’ fashion, the body and each sleeve are different. My only modifications were to add an inch of ribbing and another inch on the body (adding 2 inches of length overall).
Needles: 5 mm circulars (for the body) and straights (for the sleeves)
Cast on: February 21, 2007
Cast off: March 16, 2007
Finishing: I worked the sleeves flat instead of in the round, so that required an extra bit of seaming time, then sewing the raglan sleeves together and working a collar. After that I just had to trim any loose ends on the inside – I wove in the ends as I knitted, thank goodness. I cannot imagine having to finish a sweater like this only to have to weave in what must be hundreds and hundreds of ends. It short-circuits the brain just thinking about it.
Yarn: 25(ish) different yarns. With the exception of 2 that I purchased to even out the palette a little bit, all yarns were either leftovers sitting in the stash, or single/half-balls of yarn snagged from projects-in-waiting that I thought could manage to miss 50 yards or so. These yarns included:

Philosopher’s Wool 2-ply worsted
– jade
– raspberry
– navy
– periwinkle blue
– light blue heather
– dark purple heather
– light purple heather
– maroon
Elann Quecha (held doubled)
– saxony teal
Elann Pamir
– black raspberry
Elann Highland Silk
– celadon
– calypso green
Knit Picks Andean Silk
– sangria
– hollyberry
Knit Picks Swish Superwash
– bordeaux
– wisteria
Plymouth Encore worsted
– hunter green
Patons Classic Merino wool
– light grey mix
– royal purple
– teal green
– old rose
– new denim
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino
– eggplant
– light blue (ish)
Patons Decor
– lilac

So, there’s a mix of ho-hum and luxury in here. There are likely more yarns than these, but these are the most I can remember by looking at it. It’s fantastic. I could indeed have easily cast on for a size smaller, but the way it is now fits fine, after all my fretting. It’ll be a comfy, cozy, gorgeous sweater – and no one else has one like it! Ha-HA!

And then to celebrate, I started a new sock.

(Basic cuff-down sock pattern, 2.75mm DPNs, Austermann Step)

Ah, if only Sundays didn’t have to make the weekend end. ;)


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Fridays are for Finishing

I did it, I did it, hoo-ray…The EBTKS sweater now has 2 sleeves and a body. Now, just to do some seaming and a collar and that baby will be finished!

I’m hoping the sizing will come out all right in the end, here’s crossing the fingers.

In other news, since I commented last week about loving the Clessidra sock pattern so much, I noticed that my blog was getting hits from people google-searching for “Clessidra knitalong”. And there wasn’t one. And, darnit all, I wouldn’t mind a Clessidra knitalong either! So I decided to start one. We’ve got 4 people so far and I’m sure there will be more. I won’t be able to start the socks for another week or two at least, but I’m very happy to live vicariously through others! Go on and tell your friends, Knitalongs are all about the-more-the-merrier ;)

On Tuesday I went and waited at the Passport office (for 2 hours, a mercifully short time compared to the 5+ hours people were dealing with not too long ago – thank you, new US border regs), and read a bit of The Blind Assassin for this month’s Knit the Classics selection. I also knitted another purple tube. It’s always amazing to me how many people don’t bring things with them to occupy their time while they wait. I think I was the only knitter in the room, but there were plenty of others waiting with books, newspapers, crossword puzzles, toys for the kids…why just stare off into space? Oh well.

Then on Wednesday I went to knit night at Lettuce Knit, and may finally be getting over my Irrational Shyness of knitting groups. I sat between David and Elizabeth, who are fabulous conversationalists. Elizabeth also had her niece and daughter with her since it was March Break, and they were learning how to purl. And, Elizabeth showed me the socks-on-2-circulars method! Woo hoo, new skills, baby!

Those are her hands in the photo, showing off my 1/2-inch of progress after fixing a mistake – I ended up with all the stitches on one needle, which I’m told is a common mistake. I’m not ready to totally give up all my DPNs yet, but I will definitely keep giving this a try. I just need a 2nd 2.5mm Addi so I won’t have to have permanent custody of Elizabeth’s.

AND, finally, I’m pleased to say I found out this morning that a pattern of mine will indeed be featured in a forthcoming issue of MagKnits. Hoo-ray! I think I’ll have a cup of tea to celebrate.


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Beware the bar codes

In my quest to get my head together I’ve been trying to schedule a good amount of work time in my carrell at the main library here on campus. This works really well if I have knitting or other things to bait myself – If I get in [x amount of time/work] before lunch I can read while I eat, If I get in [x amount of time/work] after lunch then I can have a knitting break at mid-to-late afternoon, that sort of thing. Also, the cafeteria and accompanying common space was recently outfitted with a lot of new dining tables and a few clusters of armchairs, so overall it’s a more pleasant space to sit in that it was a few months ago.

Now, in order to get to this space and exit the stacks, or to exit the building from the main floor, you have to go through the library equivalent of metal detectors, designed to stop you from leaving the library with uncharged materials. Yesterday, I got stopped by these contraptions three times – and I do mean stopped; if the sensors go off, the little hinged barrier you would normally push aside and walk through immediately locks down, so instead you slam into it and end up with a nasty bruise on your hip and suddenly start mentally cataloguing all the contents of your bag and wonder what the frak you could possibly be carrying that is so horrible.

At lunch and at my break time, I had my handbag which was filled with the exact same items I’ve been carrying around with me for the last 2 weeks or so, without being stopped by library sensors. After being stopped 3 times without any conclusive ideas (the library staff immediately guessed either my cell phone, my novel that did have a bar code, or my metallic granola bar wrapper that also had a bar code on it – but then, I ate that and then the sensors still went off.

Later, it finally dawned on me. The innocuous items no one ever suspects: yarn and knitting needles.

(These balls of yarn and needle cases sure look innocent enough. Hah.)

It finally occurred to me that over the course of the weekend, I had tossed in a new ball of yarn and set of needles into my bag for miscellaneous playing, and just left them in there even though they weren’t involved in my lunchtime sock knitting. And lookie there – bar codes. It also occurred to me that the needles had probably been purchased at one of my LYSs that doesn’t use an electronic scanning system, unlike the big-ass craft stores, and so it’s entirely possible that the bar code is still active and ready and eager to set off library sensors and frustrate the hell out of me three times in one day. Ah, nobody ever suspects the knitters.

While I’m here talking about break-time knitting, let me say one more thing – what the HECK is up with students in every single library on campus doing this:

(Hello! I’m someone’s laptop, cell phone, and mp3 player, ready for you to swipe from under their noses!)

Most likely, the owner of these belongings is either a) off getting his/her coffee/food/something else and will return in an undefined amount of time, b) 15-20 feet away chatting with his/her buddies and will return in an undefined amount of time, or (my favourite) c) just about to leave his/her belongings behind and is right now asking me if I will look after them for him/her.

After spending X years on university campuses, I’ve lost patience with all of these scenarios. I don’t understand people who would risk losing what are probably their most expensive personal belongings like this, I don’t understand people who disrespect common space by allowing their belongings to take up space for them and prevent other people from using those tables and chairs, and I sure as heck don’t feel like it’s my job to take responsibility for someone else’s things merely because I happen to be knitting a sock in close proximity. Argh.

(EBTKS, the body and one sleeve)

Annnnd, that’s the closest I’ve gotten to a soapbox on this blog, so I’ll just sign off with a quick shot of the Everything But the Kitchen Sink sweater. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments about it! I’m actually starting to fret that it’s all going to turn out horribly wrong. Despite the fact that the stitches tell me I am getting proper stitch gauge, it’s turning out a little wider than I’d wanted, and I was already erring on the side of “cozy” fit since I have broad shoulders and I wanted a warm comfy sweater. Also, my row gauge appears to be much looser than called for, which means the sleeve openings are turning out more than an inch too long… Fret, fret, fret.

Well, I’m committed now, just one more sleeve to go! And it’s not as though I splurged on a bunch of new yarn for the project, after all ;) My sister reassures me that if I don’t like the way it fits, she’ll happily take it. (“You’ll still have enough yarn to knit yourself one afterwards!” she says.) Such love.


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My feet are wet

And have been since I left the house this morning – albeit I left a little more late and slow than I should have. But can you blame me? The Yarn Harlot’s post today pretty much sums up the state of our fair city today. Slush slush and more slush and puddles the size of Texas. We had an insta-blizzard yesterday, followed by a huge melt this morning, and now there’s ankle-deep water and slush all over the place. In a lot of spots it’s easier to walk on the road – except for where the road is completely covered over by miniature lakes and ice-floes, of course.

On the other hand, I’m glad I brought my camera with me. Some of it was darned near pretty:

(A blue sky reflected)

Where the water was able to reach the sewers, it was running fast in rivulets down the pavement.

(The sun came out for a while, too.)

It’s going to freeze again tonight, so heaven help my walk to the grocery store tomorrow. I’m going to pray REALLY hard for a huge gust of wind to come along and dry up all the wet patches. And for the second Friday night in a row, I have a date with a really addictive sweater:

(EBTKS, completed if crumpled body and the beginning of one sleeve. And my copy of Brideshead Revisited, which I’m now 2 days late on finishing for Knit the Classics – another weekend project.)

Happy weekend! May you not be frozen or in danger of being drowned in slush.


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It’s Monday already?

I did manage to do one or two non-knitting things this weekend, including another foray into baking – this time, my first attempt at chocolate eclairs. I just keep thinking about the eclairs we used to get at a bakery in the neighbourhood where I grew up…These aren’t quite the same, but they’ll do:


While searching online for recipes I was also shocked and amazed at the number of recipes that tell you to use Cool Whip in the filling. Ugh. ::shudder:: Anyway, I used this pastry recipe and this frosting recipe and used regular whipped cream for the filling. The choux pastry was surprisingly easy, and after that it was just a matter of getting out the mixer to whip things. I think this may actually have been easier than baking cookies.

I also put in more effort on the Kitchen Sink sweater, and have started the back portion of the raglan decreases:

(Everything But the Kitchen Sink sweater, zipping along at lightning speed)

Once I finish the body I think I will pause on this and go back to my socks for a bit. I’m noticing that, even though I’m still keeping the colours pretty random, I do feel myself reaching for yarns in the same kinds of order – I tend to reach for the same purple yarn after a particular red yarn, that sort of thing – and I figure I’ll give myself a creative breather after doing so much so quickly.

Onwards to Monday…


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