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Me in 8 Random Facts

Fiona tagged me on that “Random Facts” meme that’s been going around – and I was mildly gleeful, I admit, because I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged on a meme before. Lucky me! And lucky you, now you get to read some random trivia about me, me me!

1. I’m a very fannish person – as in, TV fan. While I don’t watch an incredible # of television shows, I love talking about the ones I do watch. Same with movies. I don’t understand when people watch a show or a film and come out saying simply, “I liked it.” or “I didn’t like it,” and that’s it. I could go for ages about characters and stories and blocking and lighting and musical score.

2. I run for exercise and usually listen to a knitting podcast while I do.

3. I currently share an apartment with my twin sister, and this has worked out pretty well for nearly 4 years now. However, we’ll both be moving in the fall and it’s sort of like the end of an era.

(M and me atop Signal Hill in Newfoundland a couple of summers ago – check that wind, baby!)


4. I’ve never seen a full episode of the show “Smallville”, but I think the theme song/credits are awesome.

5. I hate the fact that the movie box office is biased against female actors. A crappily written movie wtih a lot of pretty boys in it and a lot of action will always make more money than a crappily written movie with pretty girls in it. And chances are, the movies with leading actresses headlining the film that do make money are the typical “girl finds self/life dream and gets guy at end.” Why can’t a woman ever save the world in a movie and have it be a normal thing like when a guy saves the world in a movie?

6. I’ve travelled in 3 continents and Chicago O’Hare airport is the only one that’s ever made me cry.

7. I drink tea, and if someone serves me tea in a restaurant composed of a single (unused) teabag and a cup of hot water, I will ask them to go back and put the teabag in the pot/mug first, then pour the steaming water over the teabag. I only recently started doing this, but I’m stubborn enough that when I’m paying $2.50 for a cup of tea, I want it to taste like tea.

8. I’m not on Facebook. Yet. But so many of my friends are on it that I feel like my resistance will only wear down after a matter of time.

I guess now the rules say I tag more people, right? So…I will go ahead and tag Kelly (Hedgehog knits), Sarah (All Fingers and Thumbs), Marianne, and my see-stor M to post 5+ random facts about themselves, if they haven’t already. In fact, if you haven’t been tagged and would like to be, consider yourself tagged, too. :)

I received 2 more books to review last week, so hopefully I will have one of those up by the end of the week! Runway Knits and Knits Three Ways.


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Final Stages


(From the Card Catalog Generator)

(I had to answer these questions a lot this past weekend – well, mostly the first two. I’m kind of wondering how I didn’t dissolve into anxious tears after about the 10th time.) So anyhow, today I think I’ll try to do enough of something that I don’t feel guilty about going to Lettuce Knit tonight. I haven’t been in a while, and yanno, I think I kind of miss it. ;)

In other news, my sister finished a really awesome sweater, and she said she’ll let me tell you the whole story about it once there are some final final FO pics. (Well, it’s maybe not that awesome a story. But in it my knitting obsession and TV-fannishness are combined, so I call that a win.)

Happy Wednesday, may your knitting not be far from you…


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Lost Objects

I think, had it not been for Project Spectrum encouraging me to notice colour in my daily life, I would not have stopped to notice a few other things – or perhaps I would have noticed, but I might not have felt as compelled to take photographic evidence. (Did anyone see me with my camera? What must they have been thinking…)

My main form of transportation is walking, and even on my daily route through the same neighbourhoods, and in the same buildings on campus, new lost objects always seem to turn up. These aren’t usually handknits, but all the same, it is always clear that some person has taken the care and attention to notice someone’s dropped scarf, hat, or mitten, and display it by the wayside where it might be noticed and found again.

I always wonder if anyone ever reclaims these items. Does the owner realize where they dropped them? Do they just get blown into the gutter and trampled into oblivion? Often I look again the next day and the same objects aren’t there anymore.

I wonder how many hats or mittens a city collects like this over the course of a winter. Do some of them reappear in the spring when the snow melts? Hm. Fleeting curiosities.


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Weekend afternoons without knitting

Once upon a time I did used to spend my free time doing things besides knitting. Despite the fact that some people (my mother) ;) now ask me if I do anything else at all besides knitting, I think what’s happened is that knitting has slowly but steadily colonized all of my other hobbies. I used to work with beads, but now my bead box sits idly on the shelf. I used to bake things, but now only do that on special occasions. And of course, I did used to do a lot more reading for pleasure, not so much any more – although that may have more to do with the fact that I do various academic reading during the week and so reading has gradually lost its lustre.

Anyhoo. I went back to all of these things yesterday – dusted off The Woman in White and read 80 pages at bedtime, and in the afternoon I got out the beads…

(Beaded stitch markers, in sets of 6. Okay, so it’s beading that’s also knitting-related.)

I’d promised to make 2 sets of stitch markers for another knitter, and once I finally sat down to do it I just kept on stringing more sets, cranking out 7 sets altogether. I might have done more, except I eventually ran out of jump rings and my fingers were getting stiff from using the pliers. I’ll have to get more jump rings eventually if/when I want to do more – but around these parts the bead stores are located handily near a couple of my favourite yarn stores, so that way lies temptation and madness.

(Pseudo-early-Valentine’s Day cupcakes.)

And, well, there are very few things that will not be improved by cupcakes, don’t you think? Me too.

I did finish off the Ribbi Cardi on Friday, but have no FO pics to share as of yet – I still need buttons, and I also still need to gift it to the recipient (my supervisor), and so I’m holding off on any photos until I’m absolutely sure that it fits the wearer and all is well. I’m a little bit nervous and am crossing my fingers for the best, but I think all will be well. Thanks to the cold weather, I’m also dreaming of casting on for new things like this and this, but am being good and am still keeping myself on track with the things still on the needles.

Happy Sunday!


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