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And on the occasion of my 100th post, how else to celebrate but with a Finished Object?

April30 004

Inexplicably, I am suddenly fretful, now that I’ve finished. (My sister keeps telling me “it’s FINE. Shut UP.”) Should i not have added length? Is it too big? Are the colours all wrong for me? Did I make too many stripes? Or, this could all be because of the fact that it is now spring and far too warm to wear this now (sob), and my psyche is pouting. ;)

April30 005

Pattern: Poppy, from Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason (size Medium)
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden #201 (7 skeins) and Noro Cash Iroha in black (4 skeins)
Cast On: March 31, 2007
Cast Off: April 30, 2007

Notes: I had to learn crochet for the finishing touches at the neck and bottom hemline for this sweater – in fact, it is this knowledge that has been impeding me from finishing off that WIP that’s been 99% done on my sidebar since, oh, February, but for some reason I decided to hold off and do the learning on Poppy instead. (Thank you, sister M.) I’m glad I now know some of the ways of teh evol crochet. ;)

The pattern overall is pretty user-friendly. If I were to do it again I would have knitted fewer coloured stripes in the body and left more of it just solid black – I remember as i was knitting the body that it was very, very hard to keep going in endless black without throwing in more stripes. I knitted the sleeves flat and seamed them up later instead of doing them in the round, just out of personal preference. I think the hardest part may actually have been the picking up stitches for the top, just because of the counting and my impatience. I think this would make a good sweater project for just about any skill level.

So, Poppy is done – she is the reason I bought Yarnplay back in January, and I knitted the Kitchen Sink sweater first instead while I waited for the Cash Iroha! I received most of the Silk Garden as a Christmas present from my sister, and admittedly I probably would not have splurged on the rest of the yarn otherwise. Come next winter, it’ll be a nice cozy treat waiting for me in my closet.

And then, to celebrate, I cast on for a little something. (While trying not to wake the sleeping tennis elbow.)
Have a great Monday!


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On the home stretch…

…for Poppy:

April25 005

My grand total knitting progress for the last two nights has consisted of seaming the body (transforming the long black rectangle into a tube), picking up stitches for the shoulders, and beginning the back section. It’s so close and yet so far…I was all nice and rested after my trip and then yesterday and today I’ve done so much sneezing and blowing my nose that I think allergies have suddenly found me and jumped all over my head. And I need to find some pills that will deal with that without making me want to go to bed at 7:30pm. (Or, you know, all day.)

In fact, I think I’ll go do that now…and stock up on kleenex while I’m at it. Home stretch, can’t stop yet…


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The knitting still lives

I’m sure eventually I’ll join the ranks of people complaining about what a cold spring we’ve been having so far, but at the moment I’m doin’ just fine. Summers in southern Ontario can border on sauna-like, and I’m in no hurry to experience that. Besides, it lengthens my sweater-wearing time. ;)

After several days off of knitting I tried Rebecca’s advice of knitting in short 30-minute sessions, and this seems to be doing just fine. In fact, I was able to finish those last couple of inches on the Poppy body as well as the first sleeve.

April16 010b

The second sleeve is what will accompany me on my trip tomorrow, on the off-chance that I can continue doing enough short knitting sessions to make some progress on that, too. My backup will be a couple of balls of Highland Silk, which has been in my stash for months. Finally I’m in striking distance of casting on with it.

You know what’s a fun non-knitting activity? Getting rid of stuff you don’t use.

April16 001b

All of this and a bit more left my apartment on Friday afternoon thanks to my dad who took it all off to the church yard sale back home. Maybe someone else will enjoy the books I’ve already read and the kitchen doodads I don’t use. And as my friend B reminded me, this does allow more room for yarn. (Or at least, more breathing room for the yarn. Because I’m trying to watch the stash, yesiree.)

So, I’ve got my guidebook, got plans to visit a couple of yarny places on Saturday (surely lots of time to build up my willpower), got my bag of leftover Easter candy for the airplane, got most of my suitcase packed…Oh yeah, I just need to finish writing the presentation I’m giving. I knew there was something else to do today… ;)


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For Your Information

Did you know that Hershey has a Special Dark flavour of Hershey’s Kisses? And that they have 3g of dietary fibre per serving? I did not know this. I think I am going to have to go looking for some Hershey’s Kisses. (I am still mourning the fact that the Cherry Cordial ones were only a limited edition. I wonder if the Vanilla Creme ones are available in my area…)

The elbow is starting to twitch again, so I might have to slow the knitting down again this weekend, pooh. But here is an obligatory progress shot of Poppy anyhow:


Have a great weekend!




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Nothing is more important to you right now…

…than looking at these photos of adorable chidren:

(Laura with Aven‘s wee guy)

He gets very excited about all the yarn, and expresses his appreciation for knitters through happy wailing.


(Elizabeth with Emily’s wee gal)



She expresses her love of yarn by cutely sticking her fingers in her mouth and watching your every move with a hint of a smile on her face.

I took these pics last week but needed to make sure I had permission from both the mamas to post. And look at me, I went to knit night last night too – a whole two weeks in a row, someone stop the presses! I am going to try to keep going because I like seeing everyone’s knitting and all the yarn and needles (for some reason I never buy on a Wednesday, though – i talk myself out of it and then go back on Friday, heh). But I always feel like I don’t know what to contribute to the conversation. I don’t have kids or a spouse, and talking about my dissertation makes me want to twitch and break out into hives. So mostly I sit and try not to say anything very stupid. Baby steps.

(Poppy progress – 2/3 of a front and the beginning of a sleeve)


And it would just go figure that when I finally do finish the springtime-y perfect-for-April-in-Project-Spectrum socks, we get snow overnight. Ah well, I will prefer to think of it as, “more time in which I can wear the handknitted socks and sweaters I finally finished.” Yes.

(Basic socks in Austermann Step, colour #10 melba, 2.75mm DPNs – please pay no attention to the unwoven ends and ungrafted toes)


This weekend, I predict lots of chocolate-eating, knitting on Poppy, and possibly casting on for something new depending on how the arms and wrists hold up. Happy knitting!


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Welcome to the new blog! I’ve come over here to WordPress and have moved all of the content over from my Blogspot account, and even gussied up the place with a new header, courtesy of my lovely sister.

The knitting resumes! I still think I might have some residual stiffness, but my arms were recovered enough after nearly a week of not knitting (I made an exception for Wednesday night at Lettuce Knit). I decided that maybe some nice 5mm needles would be gentle enough to get back into things with, and finally, finally, finally cast on for Poppy:


In my visiting this weekend I spent some time with the parents and friends, including young 10-year-old E who was interested enough in the whole knitting thing to allow me to teach her for a bit this weekend. Here is her progress as of lunchtime today – 6-8 whole rows of garter stitch, which, I might add, included extremely even tension, no dropped stitches, and no invented increases. Also, she was already starting to use phrases like “I’ll just finish this row”, and had taken up knitting in the car.


However, somewhere along the way she started throwing her stitches clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, resulting in twisted stitches. She decided that she was happy doing this anyway, and as long as she did all her stitches the same, who the heck cares? I was inclined to agree at the time, since, hey, the girl is doing pretty well and was enjoying it, so who am I to beat the enthusiasm out of her by talking about technique. But, when she does move on to doing stockinette stitch and otehr things, I imagine it would be helpful to produce non-twisted stitches. Is there a way to un-twist twisted knit stitches on the purl side? From what little I know of combined knitting, i thought the twisting happens on the purl and the un-twisting happens on the knit, but this would be the opposite.

Anyhoo. Hoo-ray for new knitters!

I’m still trying to figure out some finer points of this blog, such as how the heck to use Flickr (is it even possible? i just get code…), but I’m sure all will be figured out in time. I hope your knitting week is a good one…


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