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Just the links, ma’am.

No new knitting pics today, although the nail-biting action continues as I work through the 2nd front piece of the Ribby. Fingers still crossed for button-band-worthy leftovers.

This morning while jogging I listened to the most recent Stash and Burn podcast (some days having that new podcast is what gets me out the door), and in this one they had the pleasure of interviewing Jess and Casey of Ravelry. It was great to listen to, and I think would be a great listen for knitters who are either still waiting or are already in Ravelry. They talk a lot about the process of getting the site going and what a tremendous impact it has had on their lives – I already had a great deal of respect for these two for getting the site going, but now I have even more! I definitely recommend checking it out. I also really appreciated Jess’s comments in the podcast about Ravelry and knit-blogging – that they still want these two things to be complementary, not competitive. I’m still reading blogs as much as I ever did, but Ravelry has certainly enhanced a lot of the FO-viewing and pattern-searching that tends to happen through blogs and Googling.

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A propos of podcasting, I must say that the Stash and Burn podcast may be the first and only podcast I’ve listened to so far that I haven’t given up on! I’ve listened to all of the episodes, some twice, and it hasn’t fallen by the wayside yet. I know podcast choices are highly subjective, but I think I’ve realized that I enjoy listening to them talk about their knitting because they seem like the kind of people I would enjoy sitting with if they were at a knit night. Thanks Jenny and Nicole, I hope you have a fruitful hiatus before getting back in action.

But most important of all on this fine Tuesday: Tonight, this blessed night, my top guilty pleasure and favourite tv show (as if that wasn’t obvious already) returns to television screens down here North-America-way, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Oh, new television, how I’ve missed you so.

On the subject of the cupcakes in my previous post – Oh. My. I take back everything I said about mint-chocolate not being my favourite flavour. They are veritably swoonable. I shared them with my friend E yesterday (she who requested the flavour in the first place), and this morning she emailed me to say she loved them so much she wrote a poem about them:

> Oh mint chocolate yum yum.
> How I love your sparkly sweet bite
> Your softness and creaminess makes me SWOON!
> I will dream about you tonight. I hope you dream of me too.

I wish all of you pleasant dreams and daydreams, be they knitted, baked, or otherwise ;)


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At Last

But sadly this isn’t a long leisurely pleasant “at last” like Gershwin would want, it’s a OMG just as long as I finish this &*%$ing pair of socks!! kind of “at last.” ::cough:: Anyway.


I finally finished the Jaywalkers. This is my second pair – I made a pair back in the fall but they didn’t fit, and I wanted a pair that would fit me. I realized by the time I got to the foot on the first sock that this really isn’t the pattern for me. I like the way they look when they’re finished, I think it’s a genius way of using self-striping yarn and I wish I could love the pattern, but I can’t. The 2nd sock was a slog. I think there’s something in the level of mindlessness that I look for in a sock that just wasn’t there – it’s not mindless enough for me to not pay much attention (like, say, basic stockinette), but it wasn’t complicated enough for me to sit down with it in the evenings and sink my teeth into it like something with cables or intricate patterns. It was just there.

Also, I barely eeked out a pair from this ball of Online Linie 100 – I would estimate I had about 5-10 yards left. Erk. So anyhoo, I am making friends with stockinette socks again, for they are lickety split and kind to me.


Ain’t she pretty? That’s Online Supersocke also, from their Tropic Color series. I snatched this up at Romni Wools a couple of months ago because the colour combination was just so friendly I had to have it. I like the not-quite-full-spectrum colour combo and the defined, uneven stripes. It makes me feel relaxed just looking at it. Aaaaahhhhhhh.

Also, in the back there you can spy some Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts – Lettuce Knit got some in last week and now I am finally a proud new owner of STR. Can’t wait to start knitting it up!

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For anyone still waiting to get their Ravelry invite, you can now go and find out your place on the waiting list and estimate how long it will be before your invite gets to you. These are all being done in an automated way – every day they tell the computer how many invites to send out, and then the computer reads the list of invite requests and takes the next batch, in the sequence of when people signed up for the invite. (No favouritism, in other words).

Also, I would like to pass this award on that Heather gave me:

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To a few of the ladies who I’ve been blogging with for many many months, just about the whole time I’ve been on this blog:
Kelly, at Hedgehog Knits
Marianne, at Marianne’s Knotminding
Twig, at Twig’s (mis)Adventures in Knitting
Michelle, at VeganPurls
My lovely see-stor Martha, at Under The Influence

Thank you ladies, for being rockin’ blogggers!
If only I could spend all day today knitting. Ah well…
I hope your Monday is relatively painless!


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That there cracktastic addictive knitting website

I was all ready to show progress photos of Jaywalker and After Dark, except God only knows where my camera cord has gotten off to so at the moment I am new-photo-less. (Also, I was going to mention my Grand Plan to complete both of the lace edgings for the front and the back of the nightie, then join all sts and work the rest of it in the round. Yes, I was feeling moderately proud of that decision.)

But the long and the short of it, anyhow, is that I didn’t get much knitting done last night because instead I ended up on Ravelry. (Sneak peek here.) I got my invite on Friday, then patiently waited the rest of the weekend (I started out trying to get the username ‘crazyknittinglady’, which the site then truncated to ‘crazyknittinglad’, which was not quite the same look I was going for. So then Casey very kindly changed my username. I am now ‘GlennaC’).

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So now I’ve got a few projects up there and things in my queue (you create your profile and identity there by listing your WIPs, FOs, and wish lists) and am having a good time just browsing. My favourite part of the knitting blogs, especially when i first got on to reading them a little over a year ago, was looking at everyone’s FO photos. That’s pretty much the core of Ravelry as far as I can tell – the photos. I can see who else is knitting Jaywalker or who else wants to knit Clessidra or who else has Lorna’s Laces in their stash…

If you’re on Ravelry already, please feel free to come say hi and we can be friends…I’m still figuring out how to find people! If you’re not on Ravelry yet, I feel your pain, because I was sitting here for months, too, listening to people talk about Ravelry and wanting to roll my eyes every time…But they really are working that waiting list, they’re bringing people on every day at an increasing rate, and they really do want to make it open to everyone as soon as the bugs are all worked out.

ETA – Also, if you’re not on Ravelry yet but are waiting to be, a good way to get yourself prepped is to make sure you have FO pictures – and stash pictures, if you wish – on a Flickr account. The Raverly site imports photos directly from your Flickr account so that when you post a project, you can just drag and drop right from Flickr. Cool, huh?

Hopefully by the next post I will have found my camera cord…


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