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Where to now, Phil?


(That subject line is a bit funnier if you’ve seen Eddie Izzard joking about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, but I digress).

So far it’s kicking off to be a pretty good weekend. It’s a sunny day and I’m finished my grading for the moment. I got to do some quality hangout time with lots of knitters at the Purple Purl last night for Jacquie who is sadly leaving Toronto, but San Francisco gets her so that’s good for SF. Today brings the definite prospect of knitting time and potential more hangout with local knitting friends, and I find myself grateful for knitting on so many levels – it’s brought me lots of awesome playing-with-yarn time, but it’s also brought me friends, and I’ll take that any day of the week.

The socks above are my current new project for travelling, socks for family friend Philip who just recently celebrated his ordination as a minister, and which will hopefully be knitted up at least in time for his birthday coming up later this month. He does occasionally read this blog, so I figure if they are somehow the last thing he would want to put on his feet, he can drop a note and say something along the lines of “step AWAY from the rusty burgundy. And that single cable. Ditch that too”, and I can go in a different direction.


They are the Masonic Socks from Quelle Erqsome knits, a pattern I discovered while investigating a sock pattern search through Ravelry. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy, in Gothic Rose, on 2.5mm needles. (Did I mention that I am going to need more of this yarn? Preferably soon? Oh help). After about 2-3 repeats I think I’ve got it committed to my brain, and it’s keeping me more interested than stockinette or rib socks would, yet not in a tedious way, which is a hard combination to nail down.

The recipient has nothing to do with the Masons (nor do I, for that matter), but I’m hoping he will appreciate the pattern simplicity and that single cable tucked at the edge of the foot and leg. And it’s a bit hard to tell here, but in between the wide ribs are little beaded purl stitches, which add simple hidden texture. Secret stitches for secret deeds, I expect. Heck, I might just do a modified version for myself sometime later.

I hope your weekend is lovely and your knitting and friends are close by.


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I take it all back

Privately I was very, very skeptical about the Noro Kureyon Sock. I’d heard about the complaints (primarily: “It’s too scratchy. There’s too much flotsam to pick out. It’s too thin.”) and just written it off as something I’d pass on in favour of waiting for the Noro Silk Garden Sock (Silk Garden is easily in my top 10 yarns ever). And then a few weeks ago at the Purple Purl Rochelle gifted me with a gift certificate, and I started staring at the pretty Noro colours, and before I knew it I’d put that gift certificate towards some Kureyon Sock.

And let me tell you, the colours, they WIN. Hands down. I take back all the trepidation I had. It’s just like knitting with very thin sheepswool – a little bit sticky, and softer the more you handle it and handwash it – and I didn’t notice enough veggie matter in my 2 skeins to write home about. Also, when you stripe 2 colourways together, you can do things like this:


I love them. They fit like a dream. I knitted virtually nothing else but these while I was knitting them, and had them finished in just under 2 weeks. I had thought it would become tedious to keep switching colourways every 5 rows, but the effect was just the opposite. I loved seeing what shade would come up next and how the stripes would work out.

Project specs: Noro Knee-Highs
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock, #40 and #188
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs
Notes: I followed the same general approach that I documented here, and this time I made extra care to make them a little longer than I thought was long enough. I learned from my last pair of knee-socks that it is always better to err on the side of too long than too short, in both the leg and the foot. If the foot is too short, it will pull at the leg and the leg will become shorter, too. It also needs to be a little snug to stay up (at least 1.5 inches negative ease at the calf), and I knitted elastic thread into the cuff as is my preference.

With the Noro, I had about 20 grams of each skein left, and that was after I had yanked out several yards of each skein (in the #40, the olive green goes on for a WHILE, and it was starting to make the other colourway too obvious; In the #188, there is a part with yellow-flecked green that was making the combined colourways distractingly full-spectrum, so I yanked that out, too.) I used 1 colourway for the knee cuff/heel/toe, and the 2nd one for the cuff/heel/toe on the 2nd sock, to even the yarn quantities. In general, I think the 2 colourways one picks for a project like this have to be chosen carefully. They have to contrast enough to be obviously different, and yet if they are too different it will be distracting and disconcerting.


At first I was very, very unsure about these. Depending what time you would have asked me, I would have said these were confusing/ugly/sexy/surprising/beautiful/the best thing ever knitted/the worst thing ever knitted. Now? I love them. I love them enough that I want to do another pair, it is just a matter of whether I will wait for the Silk Garden Sock or whether I’ll try another with the Kureyon Sock.


Now my biggest problem is waiting out the summer until I can wear them for real. If only yarn lust were more seasonal.

Happy knitting, today and for the coming weekend!


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Return to the Scene

First up: I have formatted ‘Basic Black’ as a pdf, and it is now available on Ravelry (for those who are registered on the site), as well as right here:
Basic Black

But in the present-day knits category, I’m thrilled to have my first pair of finished socks in over a month. When I made a pair of Jaywalkers last summer I swore I’d never make them again. The knitting was monotonous, the stitches were many. But then I kept wearing the ones I’d made and thinking, gee, these are comfortable. Gee, maybe they might be worth it to try again…

So I dug up some of the Lorna’s Laces I’ve been hoarding (this is ‘Tahoe’, a beautiful watery mix of blue and green and purple and delightful for coming out of winter), and boy was I glad I did.


After all the sweater knitting, it is great to get some socks back into the rotation. These were great as a travel project and I finished all but the foot and toe of sock #2 while on my trip to New York. They’re comfortable and I look forward to knitting up more Lorna’s Laces…and dare i say it, maybe even some more Lorna’s Laces Jaywalkers. I may have found my perfect Jaywalker yarn.

As far as the sweaters, I’ve cast off one more and ‘Glowing’ is now having a wash and then I’ll give ‘er a bit of a dry and see how she fits. I’m just itching to get to some new projects and it feels good to finish a few things first.

This week I am once again like a ship in the night, as I take off for Boston on Tuesday. This time it is for a conference (let me tell you about how much I would love to be able to ditch it, but sadly I have to go “present” and “be professional” or whatever, psh), and I already have the guidebooks in hand and the yarn store addresses ready. I’d like to get to Mind’s Eye Yarns, A Good Yarn, and Windsor Button, but am entirely open to suggestion.

May your knitting be close by!


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