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I’m starting to come down with a serious case of start-itis or creative vertigo or stash lust or whatever you want to call it, the drive to knit things, all kinds of things, new things now, now, right now. I’m sure this is partly due to me settling into a vacation vibe, but also thanks to the stack of essays I have to grade, since nothing sparks the knitting drive like the desire to procrastinate.


Still, I’ve been holding off (so far) because there are things already underway that need some attention, in particular poor lovely Halcyon which I started back in April. Even after my fix-it ordeal, I ended up ripping out the entire back section 2/3 of the way through when my fretting over whether I’d allowed enough hip ease got the better of me. I went back, started over with the sleeves, and then last week arrived back at the back piece which I cast on in the next larger size up, only to decrease back to the smaller size at the waist which will hopefully negotiate just the right amount of fit. Fingers crossed, because I am loving this knit once again and the thought that it might betray me is too much to bear.


I love these cables. By all rational explanations, I shouldn’t be loving wooly cables in June, but this week the weather seems to have reverted back to April, with daily rainshowers and daytime highs below 20 C, so I’ll take the cables while I can.

Last week when the knitting ennui was looming, I dug into some forgotten purchases from last fall and came out with the 2 skeins of Colinette Jitterbug that have been patiently waiting, and decided they would not, after all, become knee socks, but a nice light Clapotis:


Halfway through and so far, so good. I’m knitting this lighter on 3.5mm needles, and may end up doing just a smidge of blocking when it’s done, to give it a bit of help in the draping department. When this is done, a shawl will take its place – perhaps Swallowtail? Flower Basket? Something else entirely perhaps? And maybe also some startitis satisfaction.


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Sweater Report

When I blithely decided earlier this week to have all 3 of my Works In Progress be sweaters and thus to cast on for the Urban Aran, clearly I was either being very well prepared for the weather, or daring the fates to openly mock me. Either way, around these parts we are going to get pounded again this weekend with upwards of 20cm more snow between Friday night and Saturday night. Maybe there really is someone up there going, “you want more sweater weather? Well check THIS out, HAH!”

You know it’s bad when the weather news reads “First winter storm of March hit on Tuesday…” because if there’s a “first” storm then there must at least be a 2nd, if not a 3rd or 4th in store. The snowbanks are getting to be higher than people. I mean dudes, we’ve been getting snowfall every 5 days since the end of January, and while that’s normal for many other fine parts of the world, Southern Ontario is starting to collectively weep because we can’t remember a time when we wore something other than boots and 5 layers of clothing to go outside. I remember looking at Liz‘s photos of Oakland, California a few weeks ago and thinking, “huh, that’s weird, there’s no snow in those photos.” And then having to remind myself “OH. Some times people live in places without snowstorms. Right.

I am hugging my sweaters-in-progress, for they are of many colours and are good to me.


‘Glowing’ is zipping along and I am planning on casting on the 2nd sleeve tonight while the first flakes fall. It feels so lovely and I am already thinking ahead to what other sweater projects I would like to make with Mission Falls 1824. It’s soft and bright and sturdy and – unless things go horribly awry during washing, which I hope will not – is worth every penny.

‘Venezia’ is coming along at a slower pace but is also a happy sight:


I was, admittedly, a little unsure about the colour combination for a good long while, but now that the body is taking shape I think it’s growing on me quite well. My plans are to make modifications for a v-neck instead of the boatneck (thank you, Ravelry!) and I should be able to start that soon.

Venezia is the only sweater with a theoretical deadline. On April 2nd I have made plans travel to New York again, and I want (a finished) Venezia to come with me. I’m heading down to visit Rebecca, enjoy some post-term touristing and relaxation, and catch the Yarn Harlot on tour too. (I wish I could go in Toronto on April 1st, but sadly I have to “teach a class” that day or some such nonsense). Ever since my jaunt down to NYC for Rhinebeck I’ve been wanting to visit again and see more of New York and I’m so excited.

I hope your weekends are enjoyable…I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get not just some knitting done but also some real work as well. Pesky revisions.

May your knitting be close by and may you not be snowed in.


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Queue strategy

I need another sweater project like I need a hole in the head, I know. But see, I went up to the Listowel Spinrite sale again on Saturday (with Kim – blogless – and also Steph and Martha, which made for a pretty hilarious car ride), and I told myself that if I hadn’t cast on any thing with the yarn I purchased on the previous sale trip (which was last August), then I had to do so in the car.

I’d finished a pair of socks the day before, and Venezia just wasn’t the right car trip knitting anyhow, so I pulled out one of the bags of Shetland Chunky I’d purchased in August and set out armed with the Street Smart booklet. You know, that booklet, the one everyone on the internet and their hamster has knitted something from. I purchased the booklet in August as well to help me use the Shetland Chunky (which was $9 for a bag of 10 balls, and my willpower was not strong enough to pass that up), but just hadn’t gotten to it yet. We’ve still got a bit of sweater weather going, so maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.


Admittedly, this yarn isn’t something I would normally go out and buy for myself if it wasn’t on sale. But it’s still 25% wool we’ll forget for a moment that the rest is acrylic and feels soft, and it’s chunky which means speed is definitely on my side. And the colour is lovely. I’m enjoying getting more practice with cables, and am finally getting the hang of the cabling without a cable needle technique. It will definitely be a cardigan for me, since the acrylic factor would make it a little too stifling as a pullover. It’s been good bus knitting so far.

With Venezia and Glowing also on the go, we’ll just have to see which of these 3 sweaters can cross the finish line in March. ::ominous organ music:: Heh.

Even more remarkable is that, up until Saturday, the Urban Aran was the only thing in my Ravelry queue (which, if you’re not on Ravelry yet, is the place where you can file away patterns on a ‘to-knit’ list, and include notes on what yarn you’d like to use, etc). Now, my queue looks like this:


I realized a few weeks ago that my queue had stopped being the fun exciting wish list that it was in the beginning, and had started instead to make my stash look like a cumbersome and foreboding to-do list. Rather than making me happy about all the waiting potential projects in my stash, it was increasing my stash guilt to unreasonable levels. Since I’m trying right now to have a better relationship with my stash – i.e. wherein I knit from it more often and remind myself to “go shopping in my stash” for new projects – I just decided to make that queue into a fresh blank slate. From now on, when things go into my queue they really will be just the next 1 or 2 projects I want on deck, and anything else can happily rest in my ‘favourites’ and web bookmarks. I’ll decide on new projects one at a time, as the need arises.

Oh, stash psychology. Fun times.


In other news, the Korknisse and I are all moved out of Chez Beatrice and are temporarily relocated at my parents’ place (not far), finishing out the term, finishing out my dissertation, and continuing the job hunt. It’s been a long time since I actually lived at home so it’ll be an interesting adventure, but I will say that it is good to actually have all my possessions in only one location. I’m hoping to be able to do some decent sorting out and figure out what I need to keep, what can be recycled/garage-saled/Goodwilled/given away, what just needs to get tossed, and so on.

Just as long as I still get to keep my stash. A knitter has to draw the line somewhere. ;)


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