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Mini break

This week I decided to take a couple of days and escape to…well, to do pretty much whatever I might have done had I stayed at home, but with the key difference of getting to do it all in close proximity to a yarn shop and many knitting friends. I headed back up to my stomping grounds of the last year, Peterborough, where the town may be small but the yarn shop is friendly and the knitters are welcoming. (Bridget even has her own bright red sample of my Allons-Y shawl hanging in the window, which delighted me to no end when I rolled up yesterday afternoon.)


I’m still working through a pack of deadline knits, and though i’m starting to see the middle of it and could really be doing it anywhere, it just gets plain lonely and monotonous sometimes after a few too many days rattling around the same walls with the same thoughts. Though I live just outside of Toronto and have no shortage of yarn shops nearby, I miss being able to have one within walking distance, and most of my friends (who, come to think of it, happen to be mostly knitting friends) live in different cities from me. Sometimes you just need to do your thing in the company like minds, before scurrying back to your regular hidey-hole.


Anyway, knitters Bridget and Sasha duly took me to the pub for knitting and dinner, and then we all tailed it back to Sasha’s place for more knitting (possibly also more beer) and movie viewing and fannish chatter. (Dude, we are all shocked and amazed to discover that Alan Rickman is 65. That Snape wig must be messing with our perceptions, because I would have sworn he was only 40, like, 2 seconds ago.)


I’m starting to give some thought to holiday knitting for me, and planning ahead to Christmas Day when I intend to knit whatever the hell I want. I”m torn between the idea of starting something new and fun and big and complex, just for the joy of starting it, and the idea of casting on something small and chunky, just for the joy of finishing it in one day. It is a tough, tough call, man. Good thing I’ve still got 10 days to think about it. (I may however be in denial about the fact that the number of days is actually going to get smaller, as more days pass, but whatever. Lalallaaa…)

Do you have post-deadline-knitting holiday knitting plans of your own? I hope so.
Until next time, yarnly friends – keep the knitting close by!


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