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I don’t know if I’ve confessed this to you, blog, or if I’ve just not confessed it lately, but in the vast world of knitting skills, one thing I have still not been able to drill down into my neurons is Kitchener stitch. It’s just one of those things. After only a decade of consistent knitting I’ve finally gotten to a point where I just need a reminder of how to start it and then I can merrily Kitchener along no problem, but I still always need to look it up first.

Last winter I had a bit of a breakthrough when I had 2 projects in the space of a week that needed Kitchenering – the tops of a pair of mittens, and the under-arms of a seamless sweater. (If this is a brand new technique for you, the short description is that it’s a way of sewing together 2 rows of live stitches into a seamless fabric). That went a long way to sealing in the knowledge. I suppose it’s fair that if you don’t use a technique on every project, you’re going to learn it more slowly. Sock toe - horizontal seam One of the popular spots to use Kitchener stitch is in the final toe seam of top-down socks with a wedge toe. For the longest time when I was new to sock knitting I just avoided Kitchenering altogether, so I just did a mattress stitch horizontal seam instead, because I knew how to do that. After 10 or so years of sock knitting, I still do this. I bind off all the stitches, leave a long tail, and then come back later (sometimes days or weeks later), and sew up the toe.

Case in point, these socks have been finished for 2 weeks but I still hadn’t finished them, so today I finally decided they were getting done. My shortcut solution, it turns out, still involves a lot of procrastination, but don’t worry, I reassured my current seamless sweater that its under-arm seams are still going to get the Kitchener stitch treatment. I can evolve slowly. There’s usually more than one way to do something in knitting, thank goodness.

Have a great weekend, knitter friends!


Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock (by me)

Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight, colourway ‘grawk’



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And all I got was this really nice skein of yarn

This past weekend I visited the annual Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair, which is usually a pretty good time and once again did not disappoint in the knitterly festivities. This time I was pretty good at browsing for new things and chatting with familiar faces (and new ones – you can’t help but bump into people in some of those corridors between vendor stalls), but remarkably sedate in my shopping. I emerged with just one skein of yarn. Mind you, it was a pretty great skein – 1000 yds of silk/merino laceweight from Fyberspates, purveyed by Feather Your Nest. It’s always nice to shop the stalls from the folks I wouldn’t normally visit otherwise, plus I found myself waiting for my sister or mother at some point and just staring at their shiny display, and in a matter of minutes it became not a matter of whether I would buy some but which colour I would buy. It’s great and I already know what I want to make with it.


And speaking of yarn and colour decisions at knitter’s fairs, I do sort of love how all of that unfolds. You can find yourself standing in front of a yarn display and picking up a skein and just holding it and suddenly be in conversation with the person next to you about how great the yarn is – and for all you know you have no chance of ever talking to that person again and have never seen them before in your life, but hey, let’s absolutely stop what we’re doing and have a chat about yarns and colours. Makes total sense.

The other nice part of the day was getting to see Stephanie’s talk on ‘This Is Your Brain On Knitting’ (highly recommendable), which in addition to being completely hilarious is extremely informative and validating about why knitters get so much out of knitting. I spent much of that lecture and the rest of the weekend knitting my then-current now-complete pair of ribbed socks, which was made even more satisfying by the knowledge that knitting as a repetitive visual-spatial pattern does, in fact, make our brains better and our selves more relaxed.


These are my latest Nice Ribbed Socks, in Socks That Rock Mediumweight, ‘Backstabber’ colourway. They really are that pink. So wonderfully, aggressively magenta-pink-and-purple that I sort of want to cast on five more things in this colour, but instead…


…I cast on another pair of ribbed socks in an entirely different colour. (More Socks That Rock, in Lightweight this time, ‘Tlingit’ colourway). There will come a day soon when I do talk to you about other projects besides ribbed socks, but today my friends, today is not that day. Ribbed socks are awesome, fall is coming, and it turns out repetitive visual-spatial motion (aka knitting ribbing) is super awesome for my brain and therefore I have prescribed myself more of it. Onwards with September knitting!


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Sock it to me (ha)

This weekend, as I pondered the many new knits I want to get onto the needles this fall, having finished all of the deadline knits I needed to get done over the summer, I decided on a plan of attack which involved starting on no new projects whatsoever. Nothing new could come onto the needles, I decided, until I finished the current pair of socks on the needles, and since they were already more than half done I just buckled down and finished them. And now, lo and behold, I have the next snazzy new addition to the sock drawer, ready for when fall arrives. (Which may not be for a while, if the coming warm weather forecast is any indication). These are my ribbed socks with Turtlepurl self-striping sock yarns, in ‘Poisoned Apple,’ and they are completely delightful.


My only regret is that I didn’t make them a skootch longer on the leg portion (that ribbing does decrease the vertical length when it expands), but they’re pretty cheerful nonetheless. It is really a funny thing how yarn can sneak up on you when you’re not looking – I never would have thought I needed self-striping sock yarn in my life at the moment, but these colours are just so darned cheerful and I couldn’t resist. I even made sure the two socks matched, and everything.


I finished these up on Saturday and since it was a long ‘holiday’ weekend, I decided to just keep it going and cast on a new pair of socks and knit as much of them as I could before the weekend was over. Then I got hit with an entirely miserable amount of sneezing and sniffling and it turns out being in an antihistamine fog isn’t super amenable to concentrated knitting time, but still – Socks That Rock Mediumweight is fast, and deep dark pink is hard to put down.


This skein of Socks that Rock (‘Backstabber’ colourway), I realized, is actually the first skein of Socks That Rock I ever purchased, several years ago, and thus is probably one of the oldest skeins in my sock yarn stash. It turns out you CAN knit from your stash sometimes, who knew?

And you know what else? it turns out that if you keep knitting socks, even just a few pairs a year, eventually your sock drawer will start to get full. I might actually need to start prioritizing sock drawer socks, and other-drawer socks. It’s a pretty great knitterly problem to have.

I hope your September is off to a good start, knitter friends!

[ETA]: Both socks are from my Nice Ribbed Sock pattern, which is available for free if you should happen to need your own pair or seven of ribbed socks ;)




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Challenge is relative

This morning I met up with local knitter friend Dilia, who is currently finishing her first pair of socks. I’ve done a few lessons with her and a friend over the last few months, since they wanted to build up some basic skills and look at doing some projects. Once they got into the building blocks of knit, purl, and even some simple cable twists, they said “how about socks? can you show us socks?” and my answer was of course, yes. Socks are great. More sock knitting can only be good.


I’m pretty sure there are knitters out there who would pale at the idea of taking on socks for their third project ever, but because I enjoy knitting challenges I am fully in favour of supporting it in others. And I think that in most cases with knitting, if you want the final product badly enough, you will learn the things you need to learn in order to complete it. So, I didn’t tell them until later that knitting in the round with DPNs, turning a heel, and learning two different decrease methods are not the usual early project steps for new knitters. Dude, you want to knit socks? Well heck, let’s knit some socks.


And lo and behold, Dilia now has her first complete sock and is half done the second one. (I do believe she is using Malabrigo Rios, so I give her full marks for yarn seelction). Here she’s using my Weekend Socks pattern, which if you’re looking for a relatively quick sock to practice on (or just a quick and warm pair of socks anyway), this one is available free and uses worsted weight wool. My own pair in Louet Gems worsted is a pair I tend to wear in place of slippers on cool days.


We then took a brief jaunt to Spun as well (I haven’t been in ages, despite their being more local to me than Toronto – the Toronto pull tends to be strong! – but their yarn selection continues to be pretty great) and she got herself set up with some fingering weight sock yarn and a pair of 2.75mm needles and is all ready to go for more knitting action. (I set her up with my Nice Ribbed Sock pattern as a stepping stone from the Weekend Socks – it’s also free and uses a ribbed pattern for a bit of interest and snug fit)

Anyhow, if there’s something you want to learn how to knit but have been putting it off, think of Dilia and how she knitted socks for her third project ever, and go ahead and knit that project, man. It’ll be so worth it.

Happy knitting this Wednesday!




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What ever did I do before

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve been knitting for a little less than a third of my life – which in the grand scheme of things isn’t very much, but in the scheme of hobbies is relatively huge. Sure, I was gangbusters for cross-stitch needlepoint before I took up knitting, but that didn’t last nearly as long as my love of knitting has. How many hobbies have we all taken up that didn’t quite stick? I mean, the universe seeks balance, and so forth, which means there’s got to be scads of crafters out there who took up knitting for like, a month or two, or long enough to churn out a baby blanket or a few scarves as gifts, and then discovered quilting or sketching or glass-blowing or something and decided to ditch knitting forever – and that’s totally groovy. Do as pleases you, crafters, because goodness knows knitters hate too much competition at the yarn sales. (I kid. Sort of. ::cough::) But man, I cannot even remember what I did to fill my time before knitting came along. Like, are there people who go through the world without a portable knitting project stuffed in their handbag/backpack/briefcase? How do they manage?


I take a great deal of pleasure in having knitting around at home, but also in those little gaps of time when I’m out and about. I rediscovered this in full force the other night, when I sat in the first session of a photography course that I’m taking this term through the local college continuing education program. (Up until about a month and a half ago, every single photo I have taken for this blog was with a $200 point-and-shoot camera. I recently finally collected enough cash for a proper DSLR, and I love it. Now the trick is just to learn how to use it.) Turns out the class is going to yield plenty of sitting-and-listening time along with practical instructional time, and combined with the waiting around at the beginning of class, I got a decent amount of my Malabrigo sock knitted. The instructor doesn’t mind me knitting, I can listen and focus better if my hands are busy, and I have knitting and knowledge to show for my time. This is a win on all counts.

Although I fully expect I have now been mentally labelled as ‘that weird knitting girl’, I also don’t care, because dude, nobody else in that class is going to get a pair or two of socks after sitting there for 10 weeks. (I bet they’re all jealous.) I hadn’t thought of officially going for a “12 in 2012″ project this year, but unofficially I was thinking that 12 pairs of socks would be nice, and now I think it would be absolutely do-able. Hurray for portable knitting projects in the handbag!


In other sock news, I’m pleased to announce that the sock pattern I contributed for the Tanis Fiber Arts 2011 ‘Year in Colour’ yarn club is now available in wide release. These were the offering for March of last year, and the colourway Tanis produced for it (Clover) is just gorgeous. I don’t know if she’ll be including it in her roster of regular yarn colours, but I may or may not have already tried to peer pressure her to do so. It’s a wonderful leafy green, and even on a snowy day like today is a nice glimpse of spring ahead.


You can find the Marching On sock pattern here in my Ravelry store, and on Patternfish as well. It’s worked up with a single skein of Purple Label Cashmere Sock, and would be lovely for a variety of sock yarns that are comfortable at 8 sts/inch. There are a few twisting cables in there, and I sort of fell in love with the little knotty bobble pattern running down the front of the leg and instep. My mother knitted a pair of these as well, and said “you know, it looks hard but it really isn’t, once you get into it!” So there you go. ;)

Happy knitting, this Thursday! I’ll have more adventures to report on next time.




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Sock momentum

The other evening I allowed myself a bit of a break from current projects to go back to a long-suffering Work in Progress, thinking it was still probably a long ways off from being finished, but I figured just doing a few simple rows on a simple project would be just the thing to give my mind a break. As it turns out, as is so often the case with projects I think are light years away from being finished – these socks were just a few rows and a toe away from being finished.

And so, I finished them.


You might surmise from the colour of these socks when exactly it was that I started them. I cast on for them during Rhinebeck weekend back in October, and had reached for this particular skein (Socks That Rock, mediumweight, in ‘Coppertree’) because it was fall at the time and this colourway seemed pretty fall-ish. They’ve been my handbag knitting since then, but sadly have only seen very sporadic knitting time.


I’m happy that they’re done now, though, since having a finished project is often enough of a boost to keep going with the ones that are still on the needles.

Colour is such a funny thing, though. I decided to get the next pair of socks started just to have them ready at a moment’s notice, and ended up bypassing all of the multi-coloured skeins in favour of a simple yet vibrant skein of Malabrigo sock in Tiziano Red. I often reach for this shade of red in the winter, it occurs to me (more than one year in a row has passed where I’ve knitted some red accessories), and it’s a very warm and soothing colour to have on hand.


I hope your projects are going well – and who knows, you might have something ‘almost finished’ ready to become something for your closet or sock drawer.

Happy knitting!




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Fall Socks

Although it’s been a hectic couple of weeks around here, and the month of October seems to be passing by at a startling pace, I’ve got another pattern up my sleeve that I haven’t gotten the chance to show off to you properly yet! Allow me to present to the blog my Phellogen socks (available on Ravelry here, and on Patternfish here).


I designed this pattern as a donation to the Tour de Sock (Ravelry link) knitting competition group, where participant fees are donated to charity and knitters get patterns along with the chance to finish quickly and compete for prizes. Sarah, the group organizer, asked me back in the summer if I’d like to contribute a pattern, and the only stipulation was “something with cables.” Heh. And since I do know my way around a cabled sock, and since I am a fan of charitable things, I went to my sock yarn stash and pulled out some yarn and got to work.


When I was designing my Staked socks, I offered folks a modification to eliminate the swooshy angle across the foot, if desired, and simply continue the cables down the instep in a more classic fashion. I did this on a 3rd pair of my own Staked socks, and really liked how it looked – the result was a pair of matching but not identical socks, and the twisted cables feel so sleek and elegant once they’re on your feet. So, I decided to work with that general approach for this pair.


On these socks, a slightly more prominent motif is featured at the outer edge of the leg and foot, combined with more modest, repeating twists towards the centre and inside of the foot. I left the heels and toes relatively plain, with twisted ribbing continuing out of the pattern motifs from the foot and leg. I like ’em. I used Madelinetosh Tosh Sock at a typical stockinette gauge of 8 sts/inch, but a variety of solid or semi-solid plied sock yarns would work nicely.

Guys, I don’t think I had a full appreciation of what I was asking these competition knitters to do, by handing down this pattern to them. In my head I thought, “Hey, pretty cabled socks for fall! Fun times.” But the things is, in order for these folks to finish one round of the Tour de Sock before starting the next one, they need to finish a pair of socks in a week or less. Heh. Tour-de-Sock-ers, you are all AWESOME. Some of them finished these in less than two days. There are already almost 60 completed Ravelry projects for these socks, and many more WIPs, and they are all so impressive. I think it is one of those magical things where, given the pressure of a deadline, you don’t worry about whether or not you can do something, you just go ahead and do it.

For regular sock knitters less inclined towards deadlines, though, the pattern is in wide release (see links at top of post), and you may feel free to knit it as quickly or slowly as you like.

Happy knitting, and stay tuned to the end of the week when I just might have a blog giveaway for you. Have a great Wednesday!


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