Daily Archives: March 31, 2008

Long hard day

I’d like to follow Venezia’s lead and have a bubble bath too, but I’m just too zonked. (Lemme tell you about seaming up the neckline while on a bus from Toronto back to Hamilton. Hoo boy.)


A bit of blocking and some underarm seaming and she’ll be good to go.

Now I just need to put in another long hard day tomorrow and all will be well in order for me to hop a plane on Wednesday. The bright side is that although I won’t be able to join Martha in the Toronto scavenger hunt in celebration of the Yarn Harlot book launch, during the day, (oh how I wish I could) it’s possible I’ll be able to make the Toronto signing tomorrow night, which was never previously in the cards.

Now I just have to get the blocking pins out and then…and then I’ll…zzz… zzzz zzzzzzzz…..


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