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Breakneck pace

After going around and around with delicious and light wooly wool for just over 2 weeks, I have arrived at something new. Which is pretty awesome, because even addictive colour-work gets tiring after 16 inches or so.

This week I got to install the armhole steeks on my “Longbottom” cardigan, and here at Knitting to Stay Sane we’re* all very excited, let me tell you.

*By ‘we’ I mostly mean me, and my yarn.


On the one hand, an onlooker might be looking at this and thinking, “you mean you’ve been knitting for two and half weeks on this sweater, and you’re only NOW getting to divide for the armholes?” And to them I might point out that “actually, this is a stranded colour-work that is going to be modelled by a very tall (and obliging, possibly because he is married to a fellow knitter) young man with a 42-inch chest, and that I’ve been knitting along steadily and getting in about an inch of knitted fabric accomplished per day, and that yes I feel pretty darned good about my progress, thanks ever so much. Also, try knitting colour-work sometime. It’s awesome.”

I’ve had a lot of miscellaneous project prep going on in the last couple weeks, converging against me in a way that has kept me from doing bloggable things at the rate that I normally like, and it feels a bit odd to show up and say “hey, I have slightly more sweater than I did last week, isn’t this cool?”

But actually, I really like this. No matter what else I have to get done, I get in my inch of sweater and that’s that. I like the incrementalism of it, that after a week has gone by I can see that I in fact have much, much, more sweater than I did at the beginning of the week. (My rule, if I can help it, is that the first thing I knit in the day is whatever I want it to be at that moment. Lately, it’s this cardigan. Probably accompanied by an episode of Castle, my newfound DVD addiction.)

Lots of things are cooking around here for the fall; new designs, project ideas, classes, plans for more blog tutorials (happy to have suggestions there), possibly a article titled
“Why Steeks Are Really Super Awesome and Nobody Should Be Afraid of Them Ever,” and it’s coming on sweater weather and I love it. Today I got to wear socks for the first time in months. SOCKS. ON MY FEET. I can hardly stand it.

Happy knitting until next time! And happy Friday ahead.


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