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The trouble with Monday

…is that it is not the weekend. Knitting-wise, I had a pretty decent Sunday. I went into Toronto with Martha and met up with Lisa, Martina, and her friend Nichole for high tea at the Knit Cafe. We compared our current knitting, fantasy knitting (in my head I will have 3 shawls and 4 socks knitted by Tuesday…danged reality of the space-time continuum), and ate a series of small tasty treats. It was delicious.


I think I will have to go again. Mmmm.

My current knitting that has been on the go for a week now is the Oyster Bay shawl (also available as a Ravelry download). Kate has knitted two of these now and makes it seem as easy as getting out of bed, and it’s lace which uses fingering weight which I like, so I decided to just go for it.


Last August when I was in Halifax I picked up 3 skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight (which I am now pleased to report is available in Toronto as well) in the stubbornly bright ‘royal flush’ colourway, intending to do a shawl with it eventually, and lo and behold eventually has arrived. The pattern is going along quite smoothly so far, though I had quite a hiccup in the beginning which turned out to be related to the fact that the nice neat little “pattern repeat” box was not at all visible on my printed black & white copy. Check your colour PDFs, my friends. Hours of teeth-gnashing might be saved.

And now it is Monday, and I am trying very hard not to switch out “grade stack of papers” for “swatch for new sweater”. We’ll see how that goes.

Keep the knitting close by!


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