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Wool is always the right answer

I’ve spent the past week doing a bit of a creative re-set. It turns out sometimes your brain can’t just turn over from one set of finished projects to a new set with lightning rapidity, so by the middle of last week I eventually gave myself permission to just knit whatever I felt like knitting and then sort it out later. Which worked out pretty well, as did a weekend of teaching, because now I am back to wanting to knit All The Things. Colour-work things in particular, since I taught a lot of colour-work this weekend. That portion is under development now, as I work through a few charts and knitting plans (some for me, some for later designs), and I’ve got other fun things to work on too.


This weekend I snagged a few skeins of chunky merino wool from Sweet Georgia Yarns, at the Purple Purl – the brights are too fun to pass up and those will be turned into some shop samples in the form of chunky mittens, and the purple, well, I think that’s going to be a hat and maybe some fingerless mitts for me.


I’m also making good progress on a new sweater in Cascade 220 that I cast on post-Rhinebeck. It’s something new with my pet favourite of twisted-stitch Bavarian style cables, that I’ve been wanting to do for a while – no more waiting, I decided! It’s cold out and I want more sweaters, and a fun new design in the process.

In conclusion, knitting is great. High knitting season is nigh, and me and my stash are prepared.

What have you cast on this week, fellow knitters? I hope you’ve got some fun yarn to play with this week!




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