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The week in knitting

So, somewhere in there I blinked and the week passed by. I know that I was doing things in there, for sure, but now it’s Friday and somehow it seems like I should have more to show for it, knitwise. But I’ve made progress on a few things, stitches are accumulating, ideas are swirling around, and happily enough, this turned out to be the week that one of my summer projects went live. I’m delighted to say that the Winter 2012 issue of Twist Collective has arrived, and I’m in it! Allow me to present Burrard, a cabled cardigan just right for cozy winter wear. (Photos by Carrie Bostick Hoge for Twist Collective)

The cardigan uses Green Mountain Spinnery New Mexico Organic, which is a DK/light worsted wool and was absolutely a treat to work with. This sweater is just right for something a little bit wooly to let those structured cables stand out. I’m pretty sure I will be casting on one for myself before the season is over, because, well, I want one too. I hope you’ll enjoy perusing the entire Winter issue, though, because the entire selection is really fabulous.

In other news, my current sweater in progress is making its way, and just lacks about a sleeve and a half and some finishing. It’s in my favourite go-to yarn, Cascade 220 Heathers, and I’m enjoying how it’s turning out. (This is, incidentally, the long-awaited sister sweater to Royale, and will be a cardigan – with a few tricks up its sleeve, which I’ll be sure to tell you all about later when it’s done!) Just need that final push to get ‘er done.


Also in this week in knitting, I’ve been trying to come up with a chunky cabled hat pattern, because of this gorgeous Sweet Georgia chunky merino I’ve had sitting in front of me, and dangit if it’s not the simplest things that can trip you up. What you see here is attempt #3, but you won’t see it for long, because it’s about to get ripped out. The knitting brain wants what it wants, apparently, and I think attempt #4 might be the final one – might. (Further bulletins as events occur, film at 11, etc.)


There has also been some stockinette knitting, some sidelong glances at the ribbed sock in progress that’s been in my handbag for about two months now, a lot of yarn stash pondering, and an invigorating exchange with Fiona yesterday about knitting her Bonnie sweater since I’ve had the pattern and wool sitting idly by, ready, for about two years now. (Except I’ll probably throw in some waist shaping, add a bit of length if my yarn quantities allow, maybe cardiganize it, you know. The usual.) Hey, it’s coming on winter and a knitter’s hope springs eternal, what can I say?

This weekend I look forward to more knitting, and paying a visit to the Purple Purl in Toronto, where they are celebrating five years of business. Hurrah for local yarn shop birthdays!

Have a great weekend knitter friends, I hope you get some good knitting time in.




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