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So fast, so warm

Guys, I don’t want to go so far as to say that this chunky yarn is knitting itself, but, well. This afternoon I sat down to knit up a wee tiny kid size mitten for my mittens class this weekend (so we can all get at least one mitten finished during class time), and I think it took me less than an hour. I’m pretty sure that even included the weaving in a couple of ends and pouring myself a cup of tea. Hot damn.


[The little mitten above is in Sweet Georgia chunky, ‘snapdragon’ colourway]

Then I picked up the second chunky cabley hat I started last night (to double-check that the notes I wrote up for the purple one I did last weekend still work…and they seem to, which is a bonus for the folks who are currently testing this out for me), and I’m about three decrease rounds away from finishing that. And about one glass of wine away from starting a pair of matching mittens. (I’ve decided it needs mittens). I went and did the mental math on the hat and even with a bit of fiddling with cables, and the time it took me to rip out and re-knit the ribbed brim because I’d cast on the wrong number of stitches, I’m still coming in less than four hours on that one.

And you know, I’m not saying I don’t love the sport weight and worsted weight projects I’ve also got on the needles right now that are each more than halfway done…


Wait, I lost my train of thought. I was thinking about warm matching mittens.

If you need me I’ll be with my yarn. Catch you next time!

(P.S.┬áThe yarn is all still Sweet Georgia superwash chunky, in case you’re curious. It’s basically awesome.)




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