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Knitter’s Frolic

Well, the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic was this past weekend, and what can I say, it was a good time. I went down on Saturday with my mom and my friend Rebecca who came to visit this weekend from the wilds of NYC. Needless to say, she is going home with a bit of Canadian yarn, and we thank her for single-handedly attempting to support the southern Ontario-and-environs yarn related economy. Someone has to do it.


Not that I didn’t do a bit of damage myself, mind you. These goodies from left to right came from Van Der Rock Yarns, Indigodragonfly, Tanis Fiber Arts, and some Madelinetosh sock which is now happily being carried by the Naked Sheep. I also snagged a couple more skeins of semi-solid sock yarn from the Sweet Sheep, because I’m trying to expand my semi-solid sock yarn stash. For some reason whenever I go to look for some I don’t seem to have as much as I would like.




It was a pretty hopping day, that’s for sure. In previous years I seem to recall having just a titch more elbow room, but I think we may have finally gotten as many knitters as possible into that space. There was a wonderful group of vendors there, and it never fails to impress me that there can be so many people dyeing yarn and nobody’s looks exactly the same as anybody else’s. Pretty cool, man.



Thanks for the Saturday, Toronto! Let’s do it again some time.


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